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21st Century Learning Presentations



Robert Emerson and Charles Thacker have created an online version of their FLI presentation which you can view here or download for later review. This is the same presentation being made to schools, administrators, and community groups (without the benefit of audience participation and feedback). They are both available to present this material to your school, office, or community group. Please contact either Charles to schedule a presentation.

Radio Spots

Robert and Charles have also made a few radio appearances on local stations to promote the FLI and answer some common questions that have been asked by staff, students, parents and community members. The interviews are available for download or streaming below.
November 26th 2008, KNMI (Vertical Radio, 88.9 FM), "Four Corners Spotlight" with Jim Baker

May 16th 2008, KENN (1390 AM), "This, That, and the Other" with Tommy Bollack

April 30th 2008, KSJE (San Juan College Public Radio, 90.9 FM), "The Scott Michlin Morning Program" with Scott Michlin
April 10th 2008, KNMI (Vertical Radio, 88.9 FM), "Four Corners Spotlight" with Jim Baker

Did You Know?

One of the great video resources that we reference in the presentation is a video created by Karl Fisch called "Did You Know?" You can watch his video online in many places, but going to the source is a good idea to see what went into the creation of this original video and all the updates created since it started. The intent is to inspire conversations, to get people talking about the shifts that are happening in our world and we encourage you to view this video and to start your own converstations.  We've provided the known versions of the "Shift Happens" videos, as they have become known, below.  Just click the video you wish to watch and enjoy.  Some are more geared towards education than others but all of them are applicable to our new digital landscape.

Version 4 (media convergence focus)

Version 3 (Music Industry Remix)

Version 2 (The one most of you may have already seen)

The original version (not usually seen)