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The Farmington Municipal Schools Foundation for Educational Excellence is proud to announce that Requests for Funding will be accepted for the School Year 19-20 in the category of Performing Arts (Choir, Orchestra, Band, Dance, Guitar and Drama). The Foundation for Educational Excellence may award up to ten Requests for Funding in the amounts up to $500.00 each for the 2019-20 School Year.

Mission: To positively impact the cultural, musical, and educational climate of Farmington Municipal Schools by providing Performing Arts teachers resources that lead to opportunities for personal growth, enrichment of Performing Arts students, and/or producing/presenting Performing Arts performances that bring about mutual understanding and appreciation between the artist(s) and Farmington community.

Applications will be accepted in the following categories:

  • Production/Presentation - the cost of producing/presenting a Performing Arts event that could be featured as part of the Farmington Municipal Schools Performing Arts Season schedule
  • Travel for Performing Arts Director- to specific workshops, auditions, retreats or seminars that advance the musical or pedagogical skills of the Performing Arts teacher
  • Scholarship for Students or Performing Art groups – to specific workshops, competitions, or guest performances that enrich the understanding and or appreciation for music
  • Supplies - purchase of supplies, materials, or equipment necessary for the completion or production of Performing Arts events that enhance or enrich student learning
  • Training - advanced workshops, master classes or coaching that will enhance the artist's abilities (This category is not intended to support work towards a degree)
  • Performing Arts Special event – to partially offset or fully fund the cost of out-of-town guest musicians, directors, or performers that enhance the school district student groups or community’s appreciation for Performing Arts
Student Benefit and Community Engagement:
Project proposals are required to include a student and community benefit component. As such, the applicant should explain how the grant proposal seeks to dialogue, engage and/or involve students or the public as a way to generate appreciation for the arts. As possible examples, the community could be invited to open studio or dress rehearsals, literary readings, public exhibitions or performances.

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