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10th Annual District Dine Spelling Bee
Congratulations to our winners of the Farmington Municipal Schools District Diné Spelling Bee!

Attached are pictures of winners from the Farmington Municipal Schools "10th Annual FMS District Diné Spelling Bee" conducted on March 14, 2019 at the Turano-Chrisman Performing Arts Center (PVHS).

At the Diné spelling bee, the words were all in Navajo. Every speller had to get all the letters right and also remember the accent marks (high tones, glottal stops, nasal tone, slash L). All the words were referenced from the Wall & Morgan Navajo Dictionary. All of the students that participated did very well. The competition was nicely organized by our Navajo Teacher, Esther Dennison, Piedra Vista High School.

There were 13 participants at the elementary level, 13 participants at the middle school level and 6 participants at the high school level. 32 participants altogether.

The judges were: Cecelia Silentman-Carr: Navajo Language Teacher at San Juan College and Central Consolidated School District, Adriano Tsinigine-Navajo Language Tutor at San Juan College, Desmon Tippeconnie-Navajo Language Tutor at San Juan College and Lydell Rafeal-KNDN Stations Producer/Director.

The Pronouncer was: Lorraine Manavi-Navajo Language Instructor at San Juan College.

The FMS Diné District Spelling Bee Coordinator was Carmelita Lee-FMS District Native American Facilitator.

We will continue our annual event for the Farmington School District as we strive for Navajo Language revitalization. We celebrated by serving cake, bottled water and kool-aid drink pouches.