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Board Policy Guide
Table of Contents
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        Board of Education & School Organization of the Farmington Schools

        The Student

        Curriculum & Instruction


        Business Operations

        Exceptional Programs Policy Manual
        Impact Aid Indian Education Policies & Procedures
        Technology Security Policy

District Goals

Student Achievement

Support campus initiatives that create learning environments in which all students within each subgroup can achieve academic success.

Staff Development

Promote/Develop outstanding instructional leadership among administrators and staff through shared best practices, improved evaluative techniques and an effective mentoring program.


Continue to utilize technology to enhance instructional strategies, improve communication with parents and community, and assist with student data analysis.


Develop a comprehensive process for communicating with the community, including through school advisory councils, concerning student achievement, accountability, and district initiatives.


Mission Statement

We will utilize a system of quality data driven instruction to ensure a culture of high performance for all students and staff.