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Technology Department
Farmington Schools believes that technology is a learning tool that empowers students to maximize their ability to become self-directed learners, enables teachers to expand their instructional skills and abilities, and contributes to the efficient and effective operation of all district administrative and support systems. It is the vision of Farmington Schools to create a technological environment where students, teachers and staff have ubiquitous access to the technology resources necessary to foster a challenging curriculum that stimulates critical- thinking and creativity.  We encourage you to watch our presentation on 21st Century Education for a good overview of our philosophy and goals.

Technology Mission
Farmington Schools will provide students and staff with the technological tools, communications systems, and professional development essential for the successful integration of technology in all aspects of teaching, learning and administration.  Our district technology plan is refreshed every three years and available online.

Farmington Municipal Schools is a technologically progressive district with a commitment to 21st Century Skills learning. For those familiar with the 21st Century Skills framework you know that technology is a tool which facilitates and supports the learning environment and has a strong presence in specific areas of the framework.  To maintain the district's leading position in preparing students for the 21st century world they will be learning, living and working in we are committed to providing the best technology we can to our staff and students.

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Our staff provides services to all school departments and locations.  If it involves technology, then we're involved in there somewhere.  We utilize a custom help desk system to manage technical support requests through FirstClass and this allows us to provide faster and more reliable technical support to our staff and students.  If you have any questions about the technology in use in Farmington Municipal Schools please contact us using our main contact form or e-mail us directly using the staff listing and we'll respond as soon as we can.

We are located at:

301 N Court Ave
Farmington, NM 87401
(505) 599-8820

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