2001 N Dustin
Farmington NM  87499-5850
Phone:  505-324-9840, FAX:  844-833-2819

Dr. Eugene Schmidt, Superintendent 
Mr. Phil Valdez, Deputy Superintendent
Mr. Ted Lasiewicz, Chief of Operations
Ms. Bobbi Newland, Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Chris Pash, Executive Director of Human Resources,
Mr. Charles Thacker, Executive Director of Technology
Ms. Nicole Lambson, Executive Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
Mr. Cody Diehl, Director of Support Services
Ms. Christa Kulidge, Director of EPO
Ms. Ann Diehl, Title I Director
Ms. Karen Brown, Multi-Cultural Director
Mr. Korth Ellsworth, Secondary Curriculum Director
Ms. Theresa Bjork, Elementary Curriculum Director

Dr. Shawl Iron Moccasin, Coordinator, Indian Education Programs
Ms. Andrea Garcia, Coordinator, Pre-K                
Ms. Cathy McDonald, Coordinator, Nurses
Ms. Linda Kerr, Coordinator, Assessment
Mr. Nathan Pierantoni, Assistant Director School Improvement and Data Analysis