Farmington Model of Instruction (FMI)
A Plan for Effective Instruction


The Model of Instruction is Farmington Municipal School’s vehicle of communication across the district for describing and discussing effective teaching.   Its primary goal is to improve teaching practices through a consistent observation and feedback process that translates to “student learning”.  
The Model of Instruction identifies 7 areas of effective pedagogy including:  Feedback, New Knowledge, Deepen and Practice,  Hypothesize and Test, Engagement, Classroom Management and Relationships.   Each area of the model has a corresponding protocol.  The protocols include a common rubric system that allows teachers to rate themselves, reflect and collect evidence based upon set expectations in each area of pedagogy.   Supervisors use the model and its protocols to make systematic observations and provide timely and meaningful feedback to their teachers.
        The Farmington Model of Instruction sets the expectations for effective teaching and learning but still empowers the classroom teacher and their instructional decision-making.  The protocols become a consistent, reliable measure across the district and provide principals an effective observation and evaluation tool.

Curriculum Topics

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