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"Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege, than the raising of the next generation.”   C. Everett Koop

You, parents, are the most important people in your children's lives.  Your children depend on you for healthy food and a good night's sleep.  They depend on you for safety and shelter.  They depend on you to provide guidance and a strong role model. They depend on you to set clear limits and boundaries.  They depend on you for love and nurturing.  They depend on you to promote their individuality and independence.

Parenting is the most important job in the world and the most challenging, too! Sometimes it's frustrating or even overwhelming. We appreciate you and value your parenting efforts!  We hope to support you by providing reliable sources of helpful parenting information here on the FMS website.  It's your place, it's Parent Place.  

Click on a topic (or picture) below to access links to carefully selected, relevant and helpful information for families.  If you need immediate family support or parenting assistance, check the Local Resources page or call the counselor at your child's school.  If your child is five or under and not yet enrolled in school, contact a Parent Educator from the FMS Parents as Teachers program.

Kids don't come with an instruction manual but there is lots of good parenting information and advice for the asking.  We don't have to be perfect but we can strive to be "good enough"! Check out these sites!

When we know what is considered normal development, we're better able to seek help if something isn't right.  Knowing what is age-appropriate also helps us parent with more skill and confidence.  

We all know that food is the fuel that our bodies need for energy and growth. Good nutrition is also important for many other human functions such as concentration and memory. Learn more about how to keep your busy family well-fueled!

When we feel good physically we're better able to concentrate and learn. When we feel strong and energetic, we feel more self-confident and optimistic. Keeping your children healthy is a huge responsibility--learn more here.

Mental health refers to how we think, feel and behave.  When we are healthy, we are emotionally stable, able to enjoy life and able to interact in positive ways with others.  Yet during emotionally trying times of our lives, some of us experience depression, anxiety or other unwanted symptoms.  There is help. Read more here.

Unfortunately, substance abuse is a reality for many teens and families. Learn how to prevent your children from getting involved with alcohol and drugs and how to seek help when you need it...for your children or yourself.  Exposure to substance abuse by adult family members can predispose children to behavioral, academic and social problems.

Its never too early to begin preparing for college or other advanced training and education for your children.  In addition to planning financially, ensuring that your children are getting the academic foundation that they need is vital.  Get started now!

For many families, its a struggle to stretch the family budget to cover basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing and healthcare.  Financial stresses can negatively affect family relationships and parenting quality. Find out how to better manage your income, get out of debt, or improve your earning capacity.

We all know that stress is part of parenting.  What you may not know is that excess stress can negatively affect our health, our relationships, and our general enjoyment of life.  Learn ways to manage your stress for yourself and your family!

Ok, lighten up.  Yes, parenting is the most important and challenging job in the world and that's why it's important to take time to laugh. Don't take yourself or your parenting mistakes too seriously.  Laugh, regroup, begin again.  (And don't forget to have fun with your family!)

Families come in all shapes and sizes!  Check here for information about the special needs of blended families, single-parent families, adoptive and foster families, families headed by grandparents, military families, families with multiples, and more....

Sometimes reading about something isn't enough.  New Mexico and San Juan County offer an array of resources from counselors to food banks to libraries to outdoor activities.  Empower yourself, reach out. Its the smart and wise individuals who are able to ask for help.


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