1st Week of School: By The Numbers

1st Week of School: By The Numbers
Posted on 08/20/2021
1st Week of School:

We have had an impressive start to the 2021-22 academic year at Farmington Municipal Schools. We are focused on building positive relationships with our students and gain an understanding of unfinished learning from last year. We are celebrating teacher collaboration, welcoming more than 80 first-year teachers, and two 1st year principals who have chosen to make a difference in our schools.

By the Numbers

  • Our official count of the students that started in-person learning at Farmington Municipal Schools this week is 10,256, which is an overall increase from last year. All of us at FMS are ecstatic to see our young minds back in the classroom and learning. Great start to the academic year. Let’s do it again next week!

  • We served more than 12,500 breakfasts and 37,500 lunches across the district during our first week of school. Parents, all Farmington Schools students receive both breakfast and lunch at no cost. Students simply need to go to the cafeteria. If you want to see our meal menus, visit our Student Nutrition Program’s page to learn more about #Great Meals, Great Service.

  • Our bus fleet, which travels more than 1 million miles per year...is already on pace to match that number this year. Each day, 68 busses head out on the road to pick up students for school and deliver them home. Parents, remember to fill out your bus rider form, available here.

  • Our current numbers suggest that 70% of FMS staff has been vaccinated for COVID-19. FMS staff have submitted their information to our Human Resources Department, and won’t need to take part in weekly testing. #TeamFarmington Unvaccinated staff will begin weekly testing soon.

  • Our efforts to provide required immunizations (Tdap and meningococcal) are ongoing and on location at our schools.

FMS In The News
Below you'll find a link to a very informative article from the Durango Herald about their visit to Esperanza Elementary.

In Farmington, it’s back to school
By Morgan Mitchell, The Durango Herald, August 19, 2021

For up-to-date information, you can visit our social media channels: Facebook: @FMSNM, Twitter: @farmingtonms, and Instagram: @farmingtonmunicipalschools.