Neighborly Donations Support Middle School

Neighborly Donations Support Middle School
Posted on 10/08/2021

Hermosa Middle School Shop Teacher Jeremy Mc Daniel was driving by a construction site near Downtown Farmington and decided to stop by and ask if they could donate some lumber for his class. That’s how he met Mark Duske, the superintendent overseeing the construction of a new assisted living facility.

Three Rivers Estates is building an assisted living and memory care community on West Broadway in Farmington.


“Mr. McDaniel came looking for some lumber, just came here and by chance, we met and had a chat. So I loaded up his suburban with lumber and tools that I could spare. We found out that people needed help with construction materials and I told him that we needed young people to get started in the trades,” said Mark Duske, Superintendent for MSL construction.

Mr. McDaniel teaching at Hermosa Middle School.

“Mr. Duske rounded up 2X6s, plywood, some tools from the job site, and told me to call him the following week, which I did. Additional lumber was donated along with the news that Mark and another project manager would each donate 50 dollars, and a 500 dollar donation from Michael Deines the owner was on its way,” said Mr. McDaniel.

“Mr. McDaniel came by on his off-time and you could see how dedicated he is to his students. We thought it was awesome. Three Rivers is a new business and looking to be connected to the community. This is a great opportunity to that and helps as many students as possible,” said Steve Lien, Administrator for Three Rivers States. Mr. Lien is a graduate of Farmington High School.

To this great gesture, Valerie Harrison, the manager of local LOWE’S, received approval for a $230 donation in the form of some 1X6 material to use in school projects.

Hermosa Middle Schools students in Mr. McDaniel’s class.

“It’s great that the community is willing to help and support our school so that our students have a variety of options. We want to do this and more to support our kids. I’m impressed with what Three Rivers Estates and Mr. McDaniel are doing for our students,” said Kyle Haws, Hermosa Middle School Principal.

And it didn’t end there. Harbor Freight, the tool and equipment retailer, agreed to give a discount of 20% discount to Hermosa Middle School.

Hermosa students and staff responded by building a planter for Three Rivers States. They also made ‘thank you’ cards for LOWE’S, which are displayed at the store.

From all of us at Farmington Municipal Schools, our thanks to all who have donated and shown interest in our students. It may have been just a chance meeting between people, but the result has been extraordinary.

Mr. McDaniel has been a teacher with FMS since 2003. He has taught at McCormick Elementary, Apache Elementary, and Tibbetts Middle School.