McKinley Elementary’s Spelling Bee

“Gusto,” “Alas,” “Whisker,” “Ember,” and “Playlist” tripped up some of the school’s best spellers in the hour and a half Spelling Bee event, which took place at Ladera del Norte Elementary School on December 10.

After seven rounds, Ladera del Norte student Domanik Kiszka-Armstrong won the school’s competition. Domanik took first place after a spell-off with fellow student (and his brother), Gregory. The winning word was “Contorted.” It means “twisted or bent out of the normal shape.”

After being absent from our schools for a year, the Spelling Bee competition is back.

But the contest isn’t the bee-all and end-all, the first two places move on to the District Spelling Bee, which will take place at Piedra Vista High School on January 24, 2022, at 6:00 p.m.

In the video: Our thanks to Ladera Elementary for letting the PR Department document this fun event. Kudos to the staff, especially Ms. DeWees, Ladera’s Gifted Teacher (you can see her in the video while reading the words and providing definitions).

Participating schools and winners:

  • Animas Elementary: Akiera Cly (1st place) and Olive Todacheeney (2nd place).
  • Ladera del Norte Elementary: Domanik Kiszka-Armstrong (1st place) and Gregory Kiszka-Armstrong (2nd place).
  • McKinley Elementary: Jackson Barry (1st place) and Adler Wilson (2nd place).
  • Mesa Verde Elementary: Brielle Griego (1st place) and Damian Trujillo (2nd place).
  • Northeast Elementary: Sara Myerson (1st place) and Lizzy Heaton (2nd place).
  • Height Middle School: Charisma Bautista (1st place) and Grace Woodall (2nd place).

Top photo: There was tough competition in McKinley Elementary’s Spelling Bee on Thursday, December 16. Students went six rounds to determine a winner.