NMPED Deputy Secretary Perea Warniment

A recognition, elections, and three presentations during tonight’s School Board Meeting:

Today’s meeting began with the Swearing-in of Andra Stradling, newly elected to serve on the School Board (District 2), and Keith Corley, reelected to continue to serve on the School Board (District 3). The ceremony was performed by presiding Judge Paul Briones.

The School Board then proceeded to elect Stephanie Thompson as Board President, Keith Corley as Vice President, Joan Vallee as Secretary, and Kyle Rhodes as Deputy Secretary. You can view the new School Board committee assignments and contact information here.

There was a recognition of students who completed their Engineering Mentorship Program. The students, as presented by the Investment Manager of Merrion Oil & Gas George Sharp, learned to predict the performance of an oil well, and evaluate properties for sale before recommending their purchase (real acquisitions). See our students' names below.

There were three presentations:

The first one was on the new Draft Social Studies Standards, presented by NMPED Deputy Secretary Gwen Perea Warniment, and Jacqueline Costales, NMPED Curriculum and Instruction Division Director. Dr. Perea Warniment relayed that NMPED is currently reviewing the feedback received from the public and updating the timeline for its implementation. The School Board and Superintendent were able to ask several questions during the presentation. Dr. Perea Warniment addressed whether critical race theory is included in the draft standards and explained how it was not. It has no place in the K-12 standards, she added.

The second presentation was on Federally Required State Summative Assessments by Linda Kerr, FMS Coordinator of Testing and Data. Ms. Kerr gave a quick overview of the ACCESS for English Language Learners assessments taking place from now until March, Science Readiness Assessment in March, and SAT in April.

The last presentation and proposal were offered by Dr. Hugh Prather and Tom Sullivan with the NMSBA Superintendent Search Service. The School Board approved a Superintendent Search Service after Dr. Schmidt’s recent retirement announcement. The presenters estimated that there is a possibility that the position could be filled in time for the beginning of the academic year 2022-23.

The next School Board meeting will be on February 8, 2022. Board Work Session starts at 3:45 p.m., and Regular Board Meeting starts at 5:15 p.m.

Students recognized for their participation in the Merrion Oil & Gas Engineering Mentorship Program:

  • Ben Sabol, Jack Thompson, Natalia Sawyer, Tobi Luft, and Widya Apsari of Piedra Vista High School.
  • Jerrison Benally, LaToya Litzin, and Samuel Trujillo of Farmington High School.
  • Dylan Darnell, Jordan Conner, and Matt Schmidt of San Juan College High School.