Photo of teacher for RISE at FMS story

Farmington Municipal Schools believes in teachers. The greatest impact on student achievement comes from our educators and at FMS we believe in investing in them from day one!  RISE for Beginning Teachers is just one example of that belief. By Recognizing Individual Strengths and Expertise or RISE, we are able to believe in our educators and champion them as they grow in their chosen profession.

In the video: Interviews with a first-year teacher and mentors at Farmington Municipal Schools.

How does this look?

  • Year one teachers who are new to the profession receive an assigned building level mentor who works with them weekly around the four types of support: physical, emotional, instructional, and institutional. Targeted professional development is offered once a month through district-level conversations.
  • Year two teachers continue to receive building-level mentoring along with once-a-month professional development to grow their practice.
  • In years three through five, teachers are provided continued support around effective instruction, writing and submitting the professional development dossier, and National Board certification.

I am proud that FMS is investing resources into our teachers and our systems. This work is important. I believe every teacher can be an excellent teacher. Having a five-year system of support will be a stepping stone to retaining experienced teachers, providing them with the tools and resources necessary to be successful with the end goal of improving student outcomes.

We are excited to share the work that is being done and look forward to continuing to meet the needs of all teachers. Please reach out and ask questions.

Erin Gockel, an 18-year veteran teacher in Farmington Municipal Schools, now in her first year as the Teacher Development & Equity Coordinator, is passionate about her role in supporting and empowering teachers. You can reach her at (505) 324-9840, extension 1604, or via email at