A partial view of the regional qualifiers that will participate in the San Juan Regional Science Fair on March 4-5, 2022.

Congratulations to all the winners of the FMS Science Fair (see full list of students below). Best of luck to the students that will participate in the San Juan Regional Science Fair on March 4-5, 2022 (see full list of Regional Qualifiers below). Kudos to our sponsors, judges, and organizers of this great event.

All the projects can be viewed at https://immersiveeducation.org/spaces/science/fair.

Division Winners

Connor Murphy of Ladera del Norte Elementary School, First Place in Physics and Astronomy, and Lower Elementary Division Winner for the project “Does an Object Move Faster on Ice or Water?”

Cage Garrett of McKinley Elementary School, First Place in Animal Sciences and Upper Elementary Division Winner for the project “Are Goldfish Intelligent?”

June Loukinas of Tibbetts Middle School, First Place in Earth and Planetary and Junior Division Winner for the project “Totally RAD Presentation.”

William Burris of San Juan College High School, First Place in Cellular and Molecular Biology and Senior Division Winner for the project “SARS-CoV-2 Binding Protein ACE2 Polymorphism Frequencies in the Four Corners Area.”

In the photo: Esmeralda Leyva of McCormick Elementary accepts her certificate of 1st place in the Chemistry category from Hermosa MS Science Teacher Cynthia Colomb.

Winners by Category

Animal Sciences: Aliya Kimball (1st Place, Mesa Verde), and Cage Garrett (1st Place, McKinley)

Behavioral and Social Sciences: Breklyn Christensen (1st place, Ladera), Mollie Crum (1st place, Ladera, Scarlett Burns (1st place, Hermosa), and Aicel Bueno (2nd place, SJCHS).

Cellular and Molecular Biology: William Burris, 1st Place, SJCHS.

Chemistry: Brandon Lee (2nd place, Bluffview), Esmerelda Leyva (1st place, McCormick), Elias Amaya (Honorable Mention, Mesa Verde), Deklen Maize (2nd place, McKinley), Ziva DeVargas (1st place, Animas), Anabelle Henio (2nd place, Animas), Kalyssa Nastacio (2nd place, Animas), Avery Garrett (1st place, Northeast), Scarlett Henderson (2nd place, McKinley), Lucy Melvin (2nd place, Hermosa), Yareli Borundi (1st place, Mesa View), and Diana Gonzalez (1st place, Mesa View).

Earth and Planetary: June Loukinas   (1st place, Tibbetts), and Emiliano Lopez (Honorable Mention, McCormick).

Energy and Transportation: Quyntin Kenworthy, 1st Place, Northeast.

Engineering: Cooper Curtis (1st place, Mesa Verde), Collin Smouse (2nd place, Mesa View), Zach Teran (2nd place, Mesa View), Alexa Martinez (1st place, Mesa View), Adam Martinez (1st place, Mesa View), Isaac  Greer (1st place, FHS), and Bente Mull (1st place, FHS).

Environmental: Odin McMann, 1st place, Hermosa.

Medicine & Health: Marquez Wood (1st place, Animas), Kamryn Bradshaw (1st place, Animas), Devon Steen (1st place, Animas), Kaidence Archuleta (1st place, Ladera), and Emily Boognl (1st place, Hermosa).

Microbiology: Lyla White (1st place, Mesa View), Cloie Vendetti (1st place, Mesa View), and Kinvel Binas (1st place, SJCHS).

Physics: Riley Francisco (3rd place, Mesa View), and Lailah Francisco (3rd place, Mesa View).

Physics and Astronomy: Connor Murphy (1st place, Ladera), Ronan Russell (3rd place, Ladera), Maggie Johnson (3rd place, Ladera), Lucas Harper (1st place, Animas), Isaiah Janis (1st place, Animas), Gracey Herrera (2nd place, Ladera), Payton Reynolds (2nd place, Ladera), Gabriel Belone (2nd place, Animas), Antecia Nakai (2nd place, Animas), Izabelle Figueroa (1st place, Animas), and Pauline Maghinay (1st place, FHS).

Plant Sciences: Anna Smith (1st place, Mesa Verde), Celeste Tsosie (2nd place, Animas), Iliyahana Benally (2nd place, Animas), Lillian Leiba (1st place, Animas), and Autumn Culler (1st place, Animas).

In the photo: Cooper Curtis of Mesa Verde Elementary accepts his certificate of 1st place in the Engineering category from Hermosa MS Science Teacher Cynthia Colomb.

Regional Qualifiers

5th Grade: Kaidence Archuleta, Iliyahana Benally, Breklyn Christensen, Mollie Crum, Autumn Culler, Izabelle Figueroa, Avery Garrett, Cage Garrett, Scarlett Henderson, Anabelle Henio, Quyntin Kenworthy, Lillian Leiba, Kalyssa Nastacio, and Celeste Tsosie.

6th Grade: Yareli Borundi, Diana Gonzalez, Adam Martinez, Alexa Martinez, Lucy Melvin, Collin Smouse, Zach Teran, Cloie Vendetti, and Lyla White.

7th and 8th Grades: Emily Boognl, Scarlett Burns, June Loukinas, and Odin McMann.

10th, 11th, and 12th: Kinvel Binas, Aicel Bueno, William Burris, Isaac Greer, Pauline Maghinay, and Bente Mull.

Superintendent Dr. Eugene Schmidt extends his thanks to our parents, families, and teachers who offered our students encouragement along the way. Dr. Schmidt also expresses his thanks to Aspen Leaf Frozen Yogurt for sponsoring the Superintendent's Choice Awards, which awarded certificates to 20 FMS students.

Top photo: A partial view of the regional qualifiers that will participate in the San Juan Regional Science Fair on March 4-5, 2022. The awards ceremony took place at the Farmington Civic Center on Saturday, February 5, 2022.