San Juan College High School Classroom

Being a student at San Juan College High School comes with many challenges but it’s an extremely rewarding experience. When I first started four years ago, I was in the third ever class to exist in this program. I chose to go into this program for an accelerated learning environment and better opportunities for someone my age (I’m 17).

The classes are very fast paced as soon as they start, but it’s not chaotic as many would think, it levels the learning field for everyone who joins; no matter how fast or slow they prefer to learn. The two-year high school portion of the program is the hardest part, mainly because it happens first. It’s a very big difference from what middle school had prepared my classmates and I for. Not to make it sound overwhelming, but it is very different in terms of pacing and workload. Once I learned how to adjust and worked with the teachers as much as I could I learned to thrive in my new environment.

The four core classes for each year are compacted into one semester which is how I finished my senior year classes when I was 15 and a sophomore. After that I was given freedom to choose what college classes I took and what times I would be there. I had free reign on choosing my degree and any certificates that I thought would help in the future. If I was taking classes that got me closer to achieving my Associates Degree, I could take any other classes I wanted. I took that liberty and took both Navajo classes, psychology, and sociology.

Being in this program also presented me with other opportunities that I didn’t know how to obtain by myself, such as internships, job shadowing, and community service. This school not only presents students with the necessary knowledge for their career journey but also tries to provide them with experience.

The application period for the San Juan College High School Class of 2026 is now open. To learn more about SJCHS or to apply, visit

Tobias Anderson is an FMS student, currently interning for the Public Relations Department as part of the FMS Work-Based Learning Program. Tobias will graduate with an Associate’s Degree and a high school diploma this year. Tobias plans to pursue English as a major.