A recognition (an engraved gavel) was presented to Mr. Kyle Rhodes for his work as former FMS Board President.

Three presentations, and approvals for the development of the 2022 Facilities Master Plan and language for the Superintendent Search during tonight’s School Board meeting.

In the photo: John F. Kennedy, NMSBA Policy Service Director.

There were three presentations made:

The first presentation focused on the authority and rights of the School Board. The presentation by John F. Kennedy, NMSBA Policy Service Director, included how highly regulated public education is. A copy of the presentation is available here.

The second presentation was on the current audit. The presentation, by FMS Chief Financial Officer Bobbi Newland and Alan D. Bowers, Carr, Riggs, and Ingram’s CPA, highlighted how assets have remained consistent, there has been an increase in 2021 (largely related to pension and OPEB liabilities), and constancy in revenues and expenditures. A copy of the final audit will be available on the FMS Website, under Finance.

In the photo: Rocinante High School Intervention Specialist Jennifer Dowdy.

The last presentation was an update on the program Stay In School. In 2018 FMS received a grant to focus on students with disabilities and improving their graduation rates. The district has invested the funds to provide interventions for our students. The goals of the program are to decrease the percentage of students with disabilities that are habitually truant and drop out of school, along with increasing their average daily attendance. The program has improved the graduation rates of students with disabilities across all three high schools. Tonight’s presentation included Deborah Dominguez-Clark (State Director of Special Education), and intervention specialists Jennifer Dowdy (Rocinante High School), Josh Valdez (Piedra Vista High School), and Lindsay Johnson (Farmington High School).

Finally, the School Board approved the selection of Architectural Research Consultants, Inc. (ARC) to develop the 2022 Facilities Master Plan for the period of 2022 through December 2027. The total cost of the FMP 5-Year Facilities Master Plan is 194 million. The School Board also approved the desired characteristics and requirements for the next Superintendent of Farmington Municipal Schools. The information, as well as detailed application materials, will be available on our website, under Superintendent Search.

Top photo: A recognition (an engraved gavel) was presented to Mr. Kyle Rhodes for his work as former FMS Board President. From left to right, Superintendent Dr. Eugene Schmidt, Board Vice President Keith Corley, Board President Stephanie Thompson, Board Deputy Secretary Kyle Rhodes, and Board Member Andra Stradling.