Secretary Steinhaus with FHS Live Students

On February 23, 2022, FHS Live and Scorp Radio students Ezequiel Borunda and Ethan Bowles had the chance to interview NM Education Secretary Kurt Steinhaus. See the interview below.

Ethan Bowles says that Secretary Steinhaus had really good energy and was easy to talk to. Ezequiel Borunda described the experience as a great opportunity.

The mass-media class offered at Farmington High School is for students who want to work as voice talent on the radio, interviewing people, or just trying their hand at media work. For these students, the mass-media class has opened the door for a career path in this field.

“We’re very fortunate to have this opportunity here since we’re the only school around Farmington that offers this class,” said Ezequiel.

Ethan for his part describes it as “it’s like a first real job,” and that he learned a lot from this class and his experiences.

When asked about what’s next after high school Ezequiel said that he would like to go into Sports Media as he is very passionate about sports, or something within that field. Ethan would like to go into the Navy, but after he wants to have his own radio show since it is something, he really likes to do.

FHS Live is a student-programmed, produced, and performed live internet streaming radio and video network. Farmington High School students learn the fundamentals of live broadcasting. Students operate equipment and conduct interviews, producing elements such as “Scorp Nation News,” “The 60 Second Sport Short,” and the “Scorp Nation Interview Series.” Students also create a weekly internet radio morning show called “Good Morning Farmington High,” where listeners can hear what's going on in the Scorp Nation. The FHSL program has earned 12 different New Mexico Broadcasters Association (NMBA) awards, the highest honor a broadcaster, whether it is television (video) or radio (audio) in New Mexico can receive. FHS Live and Scorp Radio are part of Farmington High School’s Media Program led by Johnny Curry, FHS Program Coordinator.

Devyn Gamboa is an FMS student, currently interning for the Public Relations Department as part of the FMS Work-Based Learning Program.