Apache Elementary School

A look at the Diné Dual Language Program: Apache Elementary School is currently hiring for educator positions in the Diné Language and Culture Revitalization program. If you are passionate about teaching Diné language and culture, and you want to help the program grow, apply today.

One of the distinguishing programs at Apache Elementary School is the Diné Language and Culture Revitalization program. The goal of the program, in conjunction with bilingual education at the middle and high school levels, is to give students an opportunity to graduate with a Seal of Biliteracy in Diné. 

Established in 2018 with the first cohort of students now in 3rd grade, the program will continue to grow with the original cohort through 5th grade. Apache now has classes in Kindergarten through 3rd grade dedicated to instruction in the Diné language and culture.

Teaching younger generations the Diné language and culture is a priority for our students in this program. Apache aims to spark an interest and contribute to showing students the importance and value of their native language and culture at an early age, while creating a foundation for students to grow their skills, sense of pride, and strengthen cultural connections. 

More About Bilingual Multicultural Education Programs

The state's bilingual multicultural education program goals are for all students, including English language learners, to:

  1. Become bilingual and biliterate in English and a second language, including Spanish, a Native American language, where a written form exists and there is tribal approval, or another language; and
  2. Meet state academic content standards and benchmarks in all subject areas.

In the video: FMS recorded the Apache Elementary footage this February. Our thanks to the wonderful students and staff at Apache, especially teachers Jo Leiba-Jack (19 years with FMS), Marlena Peshlakai (3 years with FMS), Vanessa Spanjers (9 years with FMS), Priscilla McCain (28 years with FMS), and Emily Welch (2 years with FMS), and Principal Davina Terry.