Heights Middle School Troubadours

In the photo: Members of the FMS staff and public listen to the Heights Middle School Troubadours singing “Three A Capella Latin Settings” by Jerry Estes.

Nine recognitions, including students receiving the Bilingual Seal and National Board Certified Teachers, along with a preliminary FMS budget approval for the next academic year took place during today’s School Board Meeting. The School Board also approved naming Incoming Superintendent Cody Diehl as Acting Superintendent of Farmington Schools, effective May 14.

Choir Recognitions

Two choirs from Piedra Vista High School recently competed in the 2022 NMAA State Choir Competition. The Chamber Choir came away with a 1st place win and the 11th State Title for PV. The Treble Choir came away with a 2nd place win, only .67 points behind the first-place winner Public Performing Arts Academy of Albuquerque. The School Board recognized the Piedra Vista High School Chamber Choir, the Treble Choir, both directed by James Golden, and the NMAA Middle School Choir State Champions Heights Middle School Troubadours (top photo), directed by Siromani Leath. The PV Choir sang the National Anthem and performed “Twa Tanbou” by Louis M. Celestin & Sydney Guillaume for the public during the meeting. Read more.

Heights Middle School History Teacher Recognition

The School Board recognized Heights Middle School History Teacher Nick Akins. Mr. Akins was celebrated for his great work, flexibility, and willingness to provide strong educational experiences for his students during these challenging times. Mr. Akins’ students participated in the National History Day virtual contest recently and won first and second places, as well as special awards. In the photo: Mr. Akins (left) and Principal Chris Jones. Read more.

Bilingual Seal Recipient Students

The School Board celebrated twenty-seven students that will be recipients of the Bilingual Seal in their diplomas. The Bilingual Seal is given by a district in recognition of students who demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English. The Bilingual Seal honors the abilities students attain, and can be evidence of skills that are attractive to future employers and college admissions offices. Below is the list of this year’s recipients:

  • Flor Alvidrez Aguirre (Spanish, Piedra Vista High School)
  • Jorge Camacho Hernandez (Spanish, Piedra Vista High School)
  • Joanna Caro (Spanish, Piedra Vista High School)
  • David Guzman Rayos (Spanish, Piedra Vista High School)
  • Ruth Moreno (Spanish, Piedra Vista High School)
  • Ariana Munoz Lucero (Spanish, Piedra Vista High School)
  • Joana Munoz Lucero (Spanish, Piedra Vista High School)
  • Karen Ramos Lemus (Spanish, Piedra Vista High School)
  • Axel Ramos Lemus (Spanish, Piedra Vista High School)
  • Kalid Robles(Spanish, Piedra Vista High School)
  • Benjamin Sabol (Spanish, Piedra Vista High School)
  • Meredith Sabol (Spanish, Piedra Vista High School)
  • Samuel Sabol (Spanish, Piedra Vista High School)
  • Dana Smith (Spanish, Piedra Vista High School)
  • Lisbeth Sotelo (Spanish, Piedra Vista High School)
  • Ximena Tellez Marin (Spanish, Piedra Vista High School)
  • Jesus Villalobos (Spanish, Piedra Vista High School)
  • Angie Delgado (Spanish, Piedra Vista High School)
  • Clara Granados (Spanish, Farmington High School)
  • Jessy Quiroz (Spanish, Farmington High School)
  • Ashley Orozco Marin (Spanish, Farmington High School)
  • Adrian Gomez-Ferraez (Spanish, Farmington High School)
  • Gerardo Lozano (Spanish, Farmington High School)
  • Angel Perez-Montes (Spanish, Farmington High School)
  • Jennifer Delgado (Spanish, Farmington High School)
  • Sharon Garcia Rodriguez (Spanish, Farmington High School)
  • Ethan Nguyen (French, Farmington High School)

Recognition of NMSBA Excellence in Student Achievement Award

Last March, Superintendent Dr. Schmidt presented a list of FMS staff members that were being submitted for the NMSBA Student Achievement Awards. The members on the list, which included a parent liaison, our nurses, Science Fair/Olympiad sponsors, and two local physicians, were honored during today’s meeting for their dedication and commitment to our students. See the full list below by category.

Nurses: Niki Allison, Kayla Atwood, Mark Burnham, Jessica Carpenter, Michelle Cooper-Holguin, Amy Elliott, Katie Fraker, Cassandra Gamboa, Amberlee Gonzales, Cheryl Hanstedt, John Holt, LeighAnne Jensen, Christy Lewis, Carrie Lingo, Amanda Lundy, Taylor Lusk, Cathy McDonald, Carly Mead, Angela Ochoa, and Lauren Roberts.

Science Fair: Falynn Burns, Cindy Colomb, Lacy Fitzgerald, Daveena John, Kathleen Kern, Gwen Schryver, Sharlene Scott, Gail Silva, Maureen Roth, and Robert Watson.

Science Olympiad: Nick Akins, Daniel Burns, Andrea Fear, Catherine Peel, Dr. Kelly Stone, Math Counts, and Juan Robles.

Parent Liaison: Jessica Bermudez

Parents/Physicians: Dr. Brad Campbell, and Dr. Brad Scoggins.

FMS Superintendent: Dr. Gene Schmidt

National Board Certified Teachers

The School Board celebrated thirty-six FMS educators that are now New Mexico National Board Certified teachers. Presented by former School Board member Robyn Hoffman and FHS Librarian Kyla Johnson, the teachers were presented with a plaque with their names, which will be featured at the FMS Central Office. National Board Certification is the most respected professional certification available in education and provides numerous benefits to teachers, students, and schools. It was designed to develop, retain and recognize accomplished teachers and to generate ongoing improvement in schools. See the full list of NBC teachers below.

National Board Certified Teachers: Diana Saura-Campbell, Sherri Smith-Lehrman, Carol Rhodes, David Cain, Janet Jamison, Jon Tensfield, Lisa Korbas, Nathan Pierantoni, Wendy Thacker, Kelly MacNamara-Cain, Sharla Sebastian, Kyla Johnson, Melissa Gooch, Amy Hill, Shannon Gill, Lisa Holmes, Lori McGaha, Sarah Briggs, Mary Alonzo, Christina Arnett, Jessica Carlise, Cindy Colomb, Mary Keeler, Chelsie Smith, Courtney Weidner, Heather Beaty, Allison Buren, Jennifer Murphy, Kimber Crabtree, Lisa Felix, Todd Lowman, Widya Ramsey, Sharlene Scott, Kelly Stone, Amber Valencia, and Erin Wingrove.

Recognition of HOSA, Future Health Professional Students

Four FMS students competed at the state level recently. Three of them will move on to the National HOSA Competition that will take place in Nashville in June. HOSA is a global student-led organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services. "HOSA is a great leadership tool and a student-led way to learn valuable skills for students interested in the healthcare field," said Teacher Terry McCartney during today's meeting. HOSA's mission, which is also part of CTE programs at FMS, is to empower HOSA-Future Health Professionals to become leaders in the global health community, through education, collaboration, and experience. The School Board has approved their travel request to the national competition.

Recognition of State Science Fair Qualifiers

The recognitions continued with the FMS Science Fair Regional Qualifiers. See the full list of Regional Qualifiers below. Read more.

  • 5th Grade: Kaidence Archuleta, Iliyahana Benally, Breklyn Christensen, Mollie Crum, Autumn Culler, Izabelle Figueroa, Avery Garrett, Cage Garrett, Scarlett Henderson, Anabelle Henio, Quyntin Kenworthy, Lillian Leiba, Kalyssa Nastacio, and Celeste Tsosie.
  • 6th Grade: Yareli Borundi, Diana Gonzalez, Adam Martinez, Alexa Martinez, Lucy Melvin, Collin Smouse, Zach Teran, Cloie Vendetti, and Lyla White.
  • 7th and 8th Grades: Emily Boognl, Scarlett Burns, June Loukinas, and Odin McMann.
  • 10th, 11th, and 12th: Kinvel Binas, Aicel Bueno, William Burris, Isaac Greer, Pauline Maghinay, and Bente Mull.

Recognition of Team SkillsUSA

The welding students that recently participated and won during the last SkillsUSA competition were celebrated by the Board. Orion rose, Aidan Beauregard, and Sam Shelby-Randolph won gold at the competition, Horacio Gutierrez, Gabe Armenta, and Jaxson Bradshaw won silver, and James Cole won the bronze in Welding Sculpture. Instructor Anna Wilson mentioned during today's presentation of the students’ work that the CATE Center has received a prestigious recognition when it was named 2022 Quality Chapters in Welding by SkillsUSA.

Recognition of Dr. Eugene Schmidt

In the photo: From left to right, Board President Stephanie Thompson, Board Secretary Kyle Rhodes, Superintendent Dr. Eugene Schmidt, Board Vice President Keith Corley, and Board Member Andra Stradling.

The last recognition of the night was from the School Board to Superintendent Dr. Eugene Schmidt, who is retiring from Farmington Municipal Schools at the end of this academic year. "He brought a mindset of kindness and innovation to this district, and he always gave encouragement to others," said Board Members Kyle Rhodes, who presented Dr. Schmidt with a plaque for his commitment to excellence, and mentioned several accomplishments of his tenure as Superintendent, including new schools, new facilities, central office, new transportation building, strong relationships with local partners, and for his work navigating the pandemic while focusing on students and graduation rates.

"My success is our success," said Dr. Schmidt, adding that he "wishes the district continued success."

Budget Considerations for 2022-23

In the academic year 2021-2022, Farmington Schools saw an increase in enrollment of 435 students. Our next school budget will reflect index rate changes in the State Equalization Guarantee or SEG —commonly referred to as the 'funding formula'— the mechanism for distributing funds to school districts, and it will also reflect mandated compensation changes. Next year’s budget, which includes total salaries and other fixed costs increasing by $13.3 million, was approved by the Board. There are two more steps before the FMS Budget is finalized and submitted on June 15. For more information, staff and the community can visit the FMS Financial Transparency page.

The next School Board meeting will be on June 14, 2022.