New Reading Materials Picture.

FMS parents, 2022 is an adoption year for English Language Arts, which means Farmington Municipal Schools will receive funding from the state to purchase new reading materials.

A team of 20 FMS staff members from each of our elementary schools worked collaboratively to understand the Science of Reading and what the research says about best practices to help analyze the programs available for purchase. After several months of learning and reviewing, FMS purchased Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts or Amplify CKLA.

Click here to view Amplify CKLA In action.

Amplify CKLA has both of the components we’re looking for: one, the structure and explicit instruction in Phonemic Awareness and Phonic-code, and two, the content with lots of background knowledge and vocabulary. The program also goes hand-in-hand with the Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling or “LETRS” implemented for Kindergarten through 3rd-grade teachers.

Amplify CKLA also provides FMS with a list of literary tools for students as they learn to read and decode words by sounds. Those tools are very educational, as they also cover topics outside of English Language Arts.

FMS parents, through Amplify CKLA, your students will become better readers and the foundation they get will make them better students as they get older and as the content is more demanding.