New employee and teacher onboarding kick-off!

FMS kicked off new employee and teacher onboarding on July 26, 2022! The three-day training event is designed to acclimate new employees and teachers to the district, our programs, support services, and other resources for staff and students. First on the agenda, they learned more about our technology staff, had a cultural orientation provided by our Multicultural Services Department, received highlights from the Student, School & Family Support Services Department, and met our Director of Nursing and Wellness and Student Nutrition Program Coordinator. See top photo from July 26, 2022.

July 27, 2022: On our second day of new employee and teacher onboarding, staff learned more about our Curriculum and Instruction Department. From district policies to tips in the classroom, FMS provides our teachers with many resources to ensure they can give students the best education possible.

July 28, 2022: And that's a wrap on our new employee and teacher onboarding for 2022-2023! On our third day, we focused on new-to-the-profession teachers by introducing them to Recognizing Individual Strengthens and Expertise, a five-year plan for educators that revolves around targeted support, modeling, coaching, and monthly check-ins with our Teacher Development Coordinator.

*Onboarding at FMS continues at each of our schools and Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).

Professional Development at FMS

Professional development training included: Elementary Writing Institute K-2, Elementary Writing Institute 3-5, Carnegie Learning, MOP Topics Introduction, Secondary Studysync, Lighthouse Computer Science, PowerSchool and Schoology, ITL Training, OpenSciEd, Prep for Teachers, Prep for Writing Institute, Scale Work, Computer Science Pacing and Lessons, Schoology Set up with New ELA Scales, TESOL Endorsement Partnership, MCD & EPO Site Specialist Training, Student Centered Equity Council Training, and more. Below are some of the trainings that took place at Farmington Schools during this summer.

July 11, 2022: FMS welcomed more than 200 educators to its 1st FMS High Reliability Schools Summit on July 11, 2022. This exciting 3-day summit is bringing presenters from Marzano Resources that will share a wealth of knowledge with our educators on improving student engagement and hearing student voices to goal setting and the work being done at our schools. Shout-out to Farmington High School students and staff for such a great welcome! Shout-out to PVHS' JROTC. This year’s summit expands on the Marzano Resources’ national High-Reliability Schools framework which values culture, community, best teaching practices, collaboration, and equity as viewed through the goals/pillars of success that follow.

August 1, 2022: To gain more insight into some of the learning challenges our students experience during their school day, FMS educators participated in three exercises today: tracing the outline of a star on a sheet of paper only by seeing the image in a mirror, reading a paragraph where the words are scrambled on the page, and listening to a message while someone taps on your shoulders and scratches your neck. What if it were me? What if the student was still learning English and had to translate the words first? What modifications would I need to make as an educator? Those situations and best practices were part of the EPO/ELD Summit being held today and tomorrow at Farmington High School. The purpose of the summit is to collaborate and share ideas for serving students with disabilities who are also English Language Learners. The goal of this exciting work is to increase teacher and administrator awareness, and most importantly, student success ahead of the new school year. Kudos to our Exceptional Programs Office and Multicultural Programs Department for this joint effort with the districts’ EPO Site Specialists and the English Language Development Site Specialists at our schools.

August 3, 2022: The REL Southwest English Learner Partnership –a collaboration between the Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Southwest and the NM Public Education Department (NMPED)– has developed a research-based document titled "Promising Practices to Support English Learner Students." The document, the most recent research, and guidance on implementing new practices were part of a review session today with Aztec Municipal Schools, Gallup McKinley Schools, Dulce Independent Schools, and Farmington Municipal Schools. The goal? Better collaboration with other teachers and communities, reflecting on current practices, and improving student achievement.

August 3, 2022: Rick Horacek, FMS Director of Leadership Development & Support, and Nathan Pierantoni, FMS Executive Director of Support Services (in photo), facilitated a dynamic discussion on school priorities with FMS principals. The collaboration included how to make sustainable results in our schools and continually grow over time.

August 4, 2022: We thank Professional Learning Specialists Janet Perry and Jesse Pompei for today’s training on Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts or Amplify CKLA – the new reading materials FMS elementary schools will use during the academic year 2022-23. Huge thanks to our educators for their work ahead of the new academic year. As you may remember, a team of 20 FMS staff members from each of our elementary schools worked collaboratively to understand the Science of Reading and what the research says about best practices to help analyze the programs available for purchase. After several months of learning and reviewing, FMS purchased Amplify CKLA.

August 9, 2022: Educators were engaged in Math Teacher Leader and Principal professional development yesterday, as preparations for the new academic year continue at Farmington Schools. The training covered Standards for Mathematical Practice and effective teaching practices, monitoring tools, and increasing proficiency through professional learning communities, common assessments, and building collective efficacy. The district’s goals are to achieve 90% proficiency in 3rd grade math by 2026, and 90% proficiency in 3rd-5th grade math by 2028.

August 10, 2022: You are all good teachers, but are you open to seeking help when you need it? What are your core values? Are they empathy or respect? Is it problem-solving? Those were some of the questions Ben Springer of Totem PD asked during today’s Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) training with two hundred FMS educators.

The training deconstructed views on systems, culture, and core values with an engaging discussion full of humor and reflection. Mr. Springer works as the director of the Family Education Center in Wasatch County School District and manages Totem PD, a professional learning company focusing on practical, ready-to-use tools for educators. He is also the author of the popular book, “Happy Kids Don't Punch You in the Face.”