District Strategic Plan Graphic

The District Strategic Plan was updated on July 27, 2022, during the Board of Education’s Retreat.

The Board of Education will hold monthly work sessions in 2022-2023 to expand on the goals below and what this work looks like at FMS schools.

Farmington Municipal Schools is rising to excellence in every pursuit by creating an educational system that prepares students for an exciting path to college,  career, and life success. To build a school district that forms skilled and gifted students that contribute to the betterment of our communities, FMS adopted Marzano Resources’ national High-Reliability Schools framework which values culture, community, best teaching practices, collaboration, and equity as viewed through the goals/pillars of success that follow.

A Safe, Supportive, and Collaborative Culture centers on building safe, inviting, and orderly schools, where faculty, staff, students, parents, and the community find a district environment where everybody thrives. To that end, FMS has placed a high value on effective professional learning communities, where collaborative teams regularly interact and focus on the achievement of all students, and communication, input, feedback, and a formal set of processes for gathering input and sharing output within our educational communities.

Effective Teaching in Every Classroom sets a clear vision for what our expectations are, including job-embedded professional development and opportunities that are directly related to positions and goals, monitoring conditions and commitments for desired outcomes, and how we communicate visions and expectations for all.

Guaranteed, Viable, and Equitable Curriculum is to set clear and measurable goals for student achievement and well-being while providing opportunities to learn critical content within district-provided programs that are rigorous and diverse. These aspirations would not be possible without the district using quality assessments and a curriculum that is aligned to the state standard, district pacing, and critical content.

Standards Referenced Reporting Systems data-driven decisions, analyzing, interpreting, and using multiple data points to regularly monitor our progress towards our goals.

Board of Education, Community, and Staff Relations seek to maintain a positive and productive working relationship with the board of education, staff, and community.

Team Farmington can proudly say that adopting this framework has made possible a positive change in our school and working cultures and we are seeing positive results all around, from how our teachers communicate with each other to how we listen to teachers and staff, implement new systems, adapt to new challenges, and how our graduation rates continue on an upward trajectory.

We are really proud of our school community and the community-at-large that has supported our initiatives and cheered us through successes and challenges. Adopting a common language and the same measures of success has made Farmington Municipal Schools a great place for learning and teaching.


For more information on our District Strategic Plan, visit https://district.fms.k12.nm.us/page/district-strategic-plan