Spanish Dual Language Program at McCormick  Graphic

Last week, we visited the Spanish Dual Language program at McCormick Elementary School. See and hear why this amazing program is so important to Farmington Municipal Schools.

Dual Language started at McCormick five years ago with kindergarten and 1st-grade classes. The school has added a class to every grade level every year since. Dual Language Immersion is designed to develop high academic achievement in two languages, additive bilingual and biliterate proficiency, and cross-cultural skills. 

The curriculum strengthens their vocabulary in two languages, and it strengthens our students cognitive processing and abilities.

The goals of the program are to provide instruction in two languages early and to give our students invaluable skills they’ll use by the time they reach high school. 

We would like to thank our McCormick Dual Language teachers and students for allowing us to take a look at how they #LearnAtFMS.

Special thanks to Ms. Elda Arzate (12 years at FMS), Ms. Cristina Ortega (21 years at FMS), Ms. Selene Ingraham (13 years at FMS), Mr. Gustavo Echeverria (1 year at FMS), Ms. Lisa Holmes (21 years at FMS), Mr. Joseph Walter (2022 FMS Teacher of the Year, 28 years at FMS), and McCormick Elementary Principal Ms. Lyn White.