Hermosa's Student Council dancing.

Hermosa Middle School celebrated students by recognizing them today during several assemblies throughout the morning. One by one, the students were called to receive a certificate for “Awesome Attitude,” “Most Helpful,” “Most Improved,” the “Manner Award” and the “Above and Beyond Award.”

But that was not all, the students also participated in a cup stacking competition and enjoyed a Student Council performance of “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars. Most of all, the Matadors had great fun knowing that their work isn’t going unnoticed. Congratulations to our students and all the Hermosa teachers and staff for this great event and for promoting a wonderful school culture.

And the students recognized are: 

Ms. Tracy’s Class: Sofia Ortiz (Awesome Attitude Award), Cam Edmiston (Above and Beyond Award), Judah Schrag (Most Helpful), Emree Moss-McQuitty (Manner Award), and Brynna Johnson (Most Improved Award).

Ms. Randall’s Class: Miakoda Crank (Awesome Attitude Award), Breklyn Christensen (Above and Beyond Award), Jayda Lovato (Most Helpful), Phu Nguyen (Manner Award), and Aldon Blackie Jr. (Most Improved Award).

Ms. Felix’s Class: Bryson Davis (Awesome Attitude Award), Allie Frost (Most Helpful), and Madi Fred (Manner Award).

Ms. Bird’s Class: Casey Lee (Awesome Attitude Award), Reiny Collom (Above and Beyond Award), Joclynn Halvorson (Most Helpful), Faith Hilton (Manner Award), and Autumn Culler (Most Improved Award).

Ms. Parson’s Class: Jane Hatfield (Awesome Attitude Award), Miguel Luna Guevara (Above and Beyond Award), Jane Hatfield (Most Helpful), Christian Crockett (Manner Award), and Conner Callaway (Most Improved Award).

Ms. Colomb’s Class: Ayanna Billie (Awesome Attitude Award), Jenna Tobler (Above and Beyond Award), Isaiah Edwards (Most Helpful), Kayl McPherson (Manner Award), and Cam "Stanley" Proctor (Most Improved Award).

Ms. Neal’s Class: Nathan Anaya (Awesome Attitude Award), Evangeline Whicker (Above and Beyond Award), Blake Robbins (Most Helpful), Scarlett Henderson (Manner Award), and Gabriel Hall (Most Improved Award).

Ms. Nabors’ Class: Jonah Cluff (Awesome Attitude Award), Kol Adams (Above and Beyond Award), Manuel Gonzalez (Most Helpful), Konner Dowdy (Manner Award), and Andre Benallie (Most Improved Award).

Ms. Tentler’s Class: Luciano Franco, Avery Sandefer (Above and Beyond Award), Rome Vider (Most Helpful), Ivan Burciaga (Manner Award), and Whisper Lane (Most Improved Award).

Ms. Granger’s Class: Kyren Dickens (Awesome Attitude Award), Rory Dimond (Above and Beyond Award), Meggan Pappan (Most Helpful), Emeri Farnsworth (Manner Award), and Darey Leon (Most Improved Award).

Ms. Staley’s Class: Genesys Villalobos (Awesome Attitude Award), Malia Marshall (Above and Beyond Award), Taylor Barry (Most Helpful), Genaro Lopez (Manner Award), and Mikala Monclova (Most Improved Award).

Ms. Wilson’s Class: DeiAndre Lewis (Awesome Attitude Award), Macy Parsons (Above and Beyond Award), Emily Gutierrez (Most Helpful), Jamesson Basset            (Manner Award), and Logan Hufford (Most Improved Award).

Mr. Clark’s Class: Isaac Allred (Awesome Attitude Award), Gavin Ford (Above and Beyond Award), Drake Sewell (Most Helpful), Shane Starr (Manner Award), and Hanna Ibarra (Most Improved Award).

Mr. DeYapp’s Class: Olivia Bermudez (Awesome Attitude Award), Mason Mitchell (Above and Beyond Award), Alyssianah Herrera-Alcon (Most Helpful), Lincoln Ned (Manner Award), and Angel Alvarez (Most Improved Award).

Mr. Nabors’ Class: Charlotte Wheat (Awesome Attitude Award), Alany Flores (Above and Beyond Award), Kaylli Tepale (Most Helpful), Sydney Nygren (Manner Award), and Jesse Valdez (Most Improved Award).

Ms. Patterson’s Class: Jacob Allcorn (Awesome Attitude Award), Catalina Dennington (Above and Beyond Award), Dominic Frye (Most Helpful), Lucky Collom (Manner Award), and Diego Valdez (Most Improved Award).

Ms. McBride’s Class: Scarlett Burns (Awesome Attitude Award), Roxy Perryman (Above and Beyond Award), Ella Lambright (Most Helpful), Kirsten Harmon (Manner Award), and Alexiea Adair (Most Improved Award).

Ms. Chavez’s Class: Elise Thiele (Awesome Attitude Award), Emily Boognl (Above and Beyond Award), Anna Hunt (Most Helpful), Ronald Johnson (Manner Award), and Areyes Lucero (Most Improved Award).

Mr. Treat’s Class: Grady Stone (Awesome Attitude Award), Ieshya Smith (Above and Beyond Award), Ella Embree (Most Helpful), Kalina Largo-Arambula (Manner Award), and Tymerra Morgan (Most Improved Award).

Mr. Palmer’s Class: Braden Herrera (Above and Beyond Award), Conner Clark (Manner Award), and Luis Barela (Most Improved Award).

Ms. Alonzo’s Class: Mollie Newman (Awesome Attitude Award), Hannah Yazzie (Above and Beyond Award), Emma Stansbury (Most Helpful), Nathan Parker (Manner Award), and Heishliany Rios Figueroa (Most Improved Award).

Ms. Chavez’s Class: Reese Robbins (Awesome Attitude Award), Santino Tso (Above and Beyond Award), Shizhonii Barber (Most Helpful), Tommy Jackson (Manner Award), and Gunner Troncoso (Most Improved Award).

Ms. Cain’s Class: Mona Tarango (Awesome Attitude Award), Dante Wilson (Above and Beyond Award), Summer Silas (Most Helpful), Samara Lee (Manner Award), and Joey Espinosa (Most Improved Award).

Mr. Eberhard’s Class: Joseph Hartley (Awesome Attitude Award), Sergio Fernandez (Above and Beyond Award), Sophia Gray (Most Helpful), Leonardo Alvarez (Manner Award), and Andrew Martinez (Most Improved Award).

Mr. Daniell’s Class: Erica Pina (Awesome Attitude Award), Bonny Sterling (Above and Beyond Award), Larissa Maetas (Most Helpful), J'Vontre Lopez (Manner Award), and Joshua King (Most Improved Award).

Ms. Harvey’s Class: Terrell Cayadito (Awesome Attitude Award), Isaac Graven (Most Helpful), Jaylen Lee (Manner Award), and Dakota Whitehair (Most Improved Award).

Mr. McGinley’s Class: Grayson Gross (Awesome Attitude Award), Jonah Ledesma (Above and Beyond Award), Chloe Duarte (Most Helpful), Ryan Harper (Manner Award), and Matthew Archibeque (Most Improved Award).

Mr. Bezich’s Class: Nathan Parker (Awesome Attitude Award), Jorge Fuentes (Above and Beyond Award), Talan Mason (Most Helpful), Lylah Morris (Manner Award), and Alexeia Adair (Most Improved Award).

Mr. Ludwig’s Class: DeiAndre Lewis (Awesome Attitude Award), and Logan Boyd (Above and Beyond Award).

Ms. Loughridge’s Class: Christina Velasquez (Awesome Attitude Award), and Isabella Carpenter (Most Helpful).