Jessie Quiros discusses the State Seal of Bilingualism-Biliteracy

Filmed during the Spring of 2022, this video features the unique voices of high school students from Cuba Independent School District and Farmington Municipal Schools, who received the New Mexico’s State Seal of Bilingualism-Biliteracy (SSBB) in their heritage languages of Diné (Navajo) and Spanish. The video discusses how students take courses to develop language proficiency and learn about history, culture, and tribal government. Listen to the students discuss professional goals and how they plan to use their bilingual skills in their futures.

New Mexico’s SSBB provides opportunities to help preserve native languages and cultures by connecting students with their communities, heritage, and cultural identity.

Produced by the Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Southwest, this video highlights student experiences with SSBB. The Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Southwest worked with the New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) to provide educators and leaders at the district and school level with research-based practices and tools for transforming teaching and learning for English learner students in New Mexico.

Last May, the Board of Education celebrated twenty-seven FMS students that received the Seal of Bilingualism-Biliteracy in their diplomas during their regular meeting.

To learn more about the Seal of Biligualism-Biliteracy, click here and here.