Merrion Oil & Gas

The Board of Education accepted the Public School Capital Outlay Council’s (PSCOC) awards for the possible construction of three new schools, approved the 2023-24 Academic Calendar, and reviewed the FMS Facilities Master Plan during today’s meeting.


The Board of Education recognized the students that completed the Engineering Mentorship Program at Merrion Oil & Gas. Learning engineering concepts and evaluating properties for sale at auction, the students gained valuable hands-on experience while presenting their reasoning in favor of a bid to Merrion Oil & Gas.

George Sharp, Investment Manager of Merrion Oil & Gas, recognized students David Cloer and Desirea Gurule of Bloomfield High School, Asher Harrison, Charles Briones, Jack Burns, Mariana Sawyer, and Rhys Triplett of Farmington High School, Anna Marie Keeler of Piedra Vista High School, and Caroline Teng, Ciara Mike, Jose Gutierrez, Krystal Lapahie, Kyra Smith, Logan Woods, Rainee Charley, and Seth Larribas of San Juan College High School.

The Board of Education also celebrated FMS being named Outstanding District Music Education Program by the New Mexico Music Educators Association. FMS Coordinator of Fine Arts Daniel Fear and music teachers Laura Argotsinger, Alex Olivas, Monica Leaming, Shera Piper, Angie Echols, Ben Ludwig, and Kelly Yost were part of the celebration.

Preschool Academy, Heights Middle School, and Mesa Verde Elementary

Tonight's acceptance of the Public School Capital Outlay Council (PSCOC) awards could pave the way for the construction of new schools for the Preschool Academy East, Heights Middle School, and Mesa Verde Elementary School.

The PSCOC has agreed to modify the amount of the local match for each school: Preschool Academy to 31.5 percent or 850 thousand dollars, and Heights Middle and Mesa Verde Elementary to 42 percent or one million 190 thousand dollars respectively. The PSCOC has also agreed to advance funds for the district’s reduced local match. More to come regarding these exciting plans.

2023-24 Academic Calendar

The Board of Education approved the 2023-24 Academic Calendar. The first day of school for Kindergarten, 6th, and 9th grades will be August 11. The rest of the grades will start on August 14. The last day of school will be May 23, 2024. The calendar includes the graduation dates for all of our high schools during the second and third week of May 2024. Click here to view the full calendar.

FMS Facilities Master Plan

Lastly, the Board of Education heard a presentation by Ailene O’Byrne, Project Manager for Architectural Research Consultants, Incorporated.

The master plan process is designed to help the district plan for a 10-20 year vision in terms of facility needs and educational programs. The Plan included information on FMS enrollment numbers and projections, the employment environment in San Juan County by industry, our capacity and utilization of buildings, school transfers, and site assessments. Click here to view the full presentation. 

The next Board of Education meeting will be on February 14, 2023.