A Fun, Jeopardy-style Competition At Tibbetts

Congratulations to our Tibbetts Middle School students that qualified for the regional MathCounts Competition at McGee Park this February. Twenty-seven students competed for twelve available spots to represent their school at the competition, where students build confidence and improve attitudes about math and problem-solving. See the names of the Tibbetts Team below.

Once the Tibbetts Team was selected, the top six participated in a fun Jeopardy-style competition to select a winner of the group. Great work, Rece! In the video below, you can see how the competition went and hear a sample question.

Our thanks to TMS Admin for letting us show how the school is teaching our math students. Huge kudos to Mr. Juan Robles, TMS Math Teacher, for making this competition an exciting experience. Mr. Robles has been a teacher at Farmington Municipal Schools for eight years.

Tibbetts Middle School MathCounts Team:

  1. Rece Pomeroy
  2. Oliver Billie
  3. Karli Lendrum
  4. Colter Davis
  5. Jacob Holmes
  6. Sanora Holmes
  7. Rock Kalcich
  8. Ayden Aikele
  9. Alex Carney
  10. Logan Davis
  11. Talon Stowell
  12. Lily Spinner

MathCounts is a national middle school math competition.  In New Mexico, regional competitions occur in February with the top competitors moving on to the statewide competition and then on to the national finals. For more information about MathCounts, click here.