Apache Students Perform the Sash Belt Dance

The FMS staff spent time at Apache Elementary School this week to see a delightful performance of the Sash Belt Dance by the Kindergarten class. The Sash Belt Dance is based on the story of Spider Woman’s teaching of weaving to the Navajo people, and it depicts the act of weaving, acknowledging that we are tied to the great tapestry of life. 

Apache students are currently learning about kings, queens, and their customs, including formal dancing as part of CKLA. To tie it to the Diné curriculum at Apache Elementary, Ms. Welch’s class learned the Sash Belt Dance and performed it for their parents and peers.

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“We had the Sash Belt Dance today and the importance is to let the children experience Navajo culture. We really enjoyed teaching them how to perform and we had a great time learning it,” said Diné EA Ms. Debra Peshlakai.

“The way I see it, it is important to teach the students with dancing. If we can do it in a fun way, maybe the students will remember and learn more later in their lives,” said Diné EA Ms. Cheryl Willie. 

“In the two years I’ve been at Apache, I’ve noticed how well the students have that self-reflection and how the Diné culture influences their lives and sets them apart. Navajo is an important culture to continue to learn about and it will impact our students’ lives forever,” said Apache Teacher Emily Welch.

Excellent job, Tigers! Kudos to Drummer Angelo Roberts! Thank you, Apache Elementary!


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