Work Based Learning at FMS Photo

The Work Based Learning (WBL) program at Farmington Municipal Schools is a great opportunity for students to prepare for life after school and it includes both in-class instruction and apprenticeships. At WBL, we help students put their newly acquired skills to practice and pick up new real-world competitive skills.

How does it work? We collaborate with local businesses and educational institutions to find our students internships that are exciting and where they can see more of their community and how it works.

In our program:

  • The Academic Career Experience class we offer at Farmington HS, Piedra Vista HS, Rocinante HS, and San Juan College HS counts as one elective credit.
  • We have partnered with more than 72 businesses in our community and we keep growing!
  • Students receive intensive training in employability skills, interview skills, and resume writing.
  • WBL hosts mock interviews, where students get real-life experience in what an interview setting looks and feels like!
  • Students that receive free or reduced lunch have the opportunity to be paid through a WIOA grant if all requirements are met.
  • Native students have the opportunity to be paid through a grant if all requirements are met.

And those are only some of the highlights of this program!

To be in the program, students have to be a Junior or Senior, 16 years or older and have access to transportation. Request the Academic Career Experience class during registration with your high school counselor. Don’t miss out!

Liz Galvan is the Workforce Community Liaison for the FMS Work Based Learning Program. Mrs. Galvan has been with FMS for 2 years. You can reach her at