MathCounts Regional Competition Update Photo

Five sudden-death rounds determined all the winners of this weekend’s MathCounts Regional Competition. Tibbetts Middle School won second place in the team competition, TMS student Logan Davis won second place in the Target Round Competition, and TMS Math Teacher Juan Robles won Chapter Competition Coach. Congratulations, Titans!

MathCounts is a national middle school math contest. The competition makes students better problem-solvers and more confident in their abilities.

During the morning of Saturday, February 11, our mathletes participated in a Sprint Round, a Target Round, and a Team Round, which determined the students that will participate in the state competition at the University of New Mexico on March 11.

Rehoboth Middle School won 1st place in the Team Competition, Tibbetts won 2nd (in the photo), and Hózhó Academy School placed third.

TMS student Logan Davis (left) won second place in the Target Round Competition. During the rounds, students had 60 seconds to solve a problem and press the buzzer with their answers. They were only allowed to use pencils and paper. In the photo, Logan receives his award from Albuquerque Chapter representatives.

In New Mexico, MathCounts regional competitions occur in February with the top competitors moving on to the statewide competition and then on to the national finals. The Albuquerque Chapter sponsors and conducts the regional event for schools within the Central portion of the state and the State Society sponsors the state competition. Other regional competitions are held in the Santa Fe/Los Alamos area, southeast New Mexico, southwest New Mexico, and northwest New Mexico by other NMSPE chapters. For more information about MathCounts, click here.

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