Coronavirus prevention and response

 How is FMS preventing and preparing for COVID-19

FMS has joined a task force with numerous city and county organizations aiming to prevent and prepare for Coronavirus. Other steps the district is taking to prevent the spread of communicable disease and viruses including:

1. Equipping teachers with the necessary tools for online or remote instruction.  FMS Superintendent Dr. Eugene Schmidt issued a letter to the Farmington Community outlining this step in more detail and it can be found here

2. Regular cleaning and disinfecting of high-use objects such as door knobs, door handles, shared computers, pencil sharpeners and others. 

3.Custodial staff is preparing to clean each school over Spring Break. Schools will be closed to all employees and visitors during Spring Break. 

4. Lunchrooms have taken steps to prevent the spread of viruses including using pre-packed utensils and condiments, removing shared tables and tubs, and having staff hand out items such as milk rather than using a self-service method. 

What can you and your family do to prevent and prepare for COVID-19?

Talk to your children about washing their hands regularly and using proper hand-washing techniques. Learn about other nonpharmaceutical interventions  like sneezing and coughing into elbows or tissues, other guidances such staying home when sick and self-quarantine

San Juan Regional Medical Center has set up a Coronavirus Information Hotline. It provides important information to out community about the virus and can be reached at 505.516.0938 or 888.949.5387. 

Should there be a need for schools to close due to a presence of Coronavirus , updates will be provided to parents via the FMS website, the FMS Facebook page and through emails and phone calls to parents. This is an important reminder to update contact information with your school's secretary or on PowerSchool.