What school work is my student expected to complete during this closure and how do families access this work? 

Families and students are encouraged to continue learning during this closure. Packets and/or laptops have been sent home as tools for students. Schools, principals and/or teachers are reaching out to their respective students and families with plans and resources for work and learning. Students and parents should also reference the FMS Continuous Learning Plan.

Will my student get a report card for Quarter 3? 

Yes, grades will be entered and report cards will be distributed as scheduled. 

Will this closure extend the school year? 

No, NMPED has waived its requirements for “seat time” for the year.

Will meals be served by FMS for students during this closure? 

Meal information can be found here

Will FMS provide childcare to families during this closure? 

No, FMS will not be providing childcare during this closure. Information regarding state resources for childcare can be found here


 What if my student is enrolled in Dual Credit or other college courses? 

Students and families are advised to stay updated on University or College closures and assignment expectations. As FMS is updated on Dual Credit expectations, parents and students will be notified. 

Are FMS employees being paid during this closure? 

Yes, FMS employees will be paid during this closure. FMS employees should speak with their supervisors and follow normal procedures regarding leave. 

What is being done to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in schools during this closure? 

FMS custodial and maintenance staff will continue cleaning efforts during this closure including disinfecting classrooms, hallways, offices and other shared spaces.