Return to Learn Options and Survey

As FMS continues to prepare for the day our schools and offices can reopen and welcome back staff and students safely and efficiently, your feedback and input is valuable and needed. District staff have created a short Return to Learn Survey that will provide the District Safety Team and other leadership with important data and information on a number of topics. Please note, the survey link below is for parents and families, FMS can find a staff survey link via email from FMS PIO Renee Lucero.

The Return to Learn Options can be viewed by clicking the button below before taking the survey. It's suggested that parents review these options first and then begin the survey. These options are the based off requirements and guidance from the New Mexico Public Education Department. The entire NMPED Reentry Guidance can be viewed by clicking on the button below. 

A large response to this survey is needed to ensure accuracy so please share this link with friends, neighbors and relatives with other FMS families. This community has been of great assistance in spreading information and looking out for one another, and FMS hopes the sharing of this important survey is no different.

Click here to complete the survey in english

 haga clic aquí para completar la encuesta para padres en español

Click here to view FMS Return to Learn Options

Click here to go to NMPED website and view reentry guidance