21CL Technology Expo

The 21CL Technology Expo is Going Digital


Students, please contact your school's site coordinator to submit your project for consideration to be displayed in the Digital 21CL Technology Expo. The Submission Deadline is Friday, May 7th 2021.
Site Coordinators:
Mesa View Middle School | Rhonda Mangum
Heights Middle School | Raechante Sandoval
Tibbetts Middle School | Cory James & Brian Ingham
Hermosa Middle School | Dorothy Hunderman
Farmington High School | Erin McGinley
Piedra Vista High School | Haleigh Bassing 

Project Submission Format:
Being that we are going digital, and projects are being displayed online, our assumption is that the majority of projects will need to be submitted in video format.  We ask that students submit projects following these guidelines:
File Name: StudentName_ProjectTitle (example: RalphWiggum_MyAwesomeMovie.mov)
For a single graphic or photo: Students can just submit the file as a .jpg or .png (example: RalphWiggum_MyAwesomePic.jpg)
For all other projects --- video format: (movies, slideshows, screen recordings of project creation, or gameplay of video game design, etc...)
Examples of export settings from iMovie & Keynote

screenshot from iMovie

Format: Video and Audio
Resolution: 1080p
Quality: High
screenshot from iMovie 


screenshot from Keynote 


screenshot from Keynote 
Please keep in mind that copywritten music may be flagged and removed/muted by Youtube once uploaded.