District Strategic Plan

Goal One: Safe Supportive and Collaborative Culture

  • Strategic Priority 1A – Targeted & Balanced Budget:  The District/Superintendent manages its fiscal, operational and technological resources (HRS 1.8)
  • Strategic Priority 1B – Safe, Inviting and Orderly Schools:  Faculty, staff, students, parents and community perceive the district environment as safe, supportive and orderly. (HRS 1.1, 1.2)
  • Strategic Priority 1C – Communication and Input, Feedback: The District/Superintendent has a formal process for gathering input and sharing output to the community and stakeholders. (HRS 1.6)
  • Strategic Priority 1D – Effective Professional Learning Communities (PLC): Collaborative teams regularly interact with a focus on achievement of all students (HRS 1.4)

Goal Two: Effective Teaching in Every Classroom

  • Strategic Priority 2A – Clear Vision for Expectations:  The District/Superintendent communicates a clear vision and expectations. (HRS 2.1)
  • Strategic Priority 2B – Job Embedded Professional Development: The District/Superintendent provides staff with job-embedded professional development opportunities that directly relate to position and goals. (HRS 2.5)
  • Strategic Priority 2C – Aware and Monitors Practices: The District/Superintendent monitors conditions, expectations and commitments for desired outcomes.  (HRS 2.3)

Goal Three: Guaranteed, Viable and Equitable Curriculum

  • Strategic Priority 3A – Opportunities to Learn: All students have opportunities to learn critical content within district provided programs that are rigorous and diverse to meet student needs. (HRS 3.3)
  • Strategic Priority 3B – Student Achievement Goals:  The District/Superintendent establishes clear and measurable goals that are focused on student achievement and well-being.  (HRS 3.4, 3.5)
  • Strategic Priority 3C – Assessments and Curriculum:  District assessments and curriculum are aligned to state standard, district pacing and critical content.  (HRS 3.1)

Goal Four: Standards Referenced Reporting Systems

  • Strategic Priority 4A – Data-Driven Decisions: The District/Superintendent analyzes, interprets and uses multiple data points and regularly monitors progress toward goals (HRS 4.2, 3.5)

Goal Five: Board, Community and Staff Relations

  • Strategic Priority 5A – Relationships: The Superintendent will maintain a positive and productive working relationship with the board of education, staff and community. (HRS 1.1, 1.7)