FMS Continuous Learning Plan

The Farmington Municipal Schools Continuous Learning Plan (CLP) is required by the New Mexico Public Education Department and lays out the expectations for teachers, staff, students and families during this mandated school closure to significantly slow the spread of Coronavirus in New Mexico. The CLP ensures the safety, health and well being of our students and families during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing teachers to engage with students through virtual teacher interactions, and provide resources/materials for regularly scheduled interaction with critical content and skills. The CLP also allows every Farmington Municipal School student, during the COVID-19 pandemic, to be in a safe environment, supported, and provided continuous learning opportunities, focused on a few critical skills needed to advance to the next grade level. And, to provide seniors the opportunity to engage in content, earn required credits, and meet graduation requirements set forth by the State of New Mexico.

FMS CLP parent guide graphic

A parent guide to the FMS CLP can be viewed here. This version offers parents a snapshot of the parts of the CLP focused on students and families. 

FMS Continuous Learning Plan Complete Version graphic

The Farmington Municipal Schools Continuous Learning Plan can be viewed in full here. 

Plan de aprendizaje continuo de FMS Versión completa en español

El Plan de Aprendizaje Continuo de las Escuelas Municipales de Farmington se pueda ver en espanol aqui.