Farmington Schools believes that technology is a learning tool that empowers students to maximize their ability to become self-directed learners, enables teachers to expand their instructional skills and abilities, and contributes to the efficient and effective operation of all district administrative and support systems.  It is the vision of Farmington schools to create a technological environment where students, teachers and staff have ubiquitous access to the technology resources necessary to foster a challenging curriculum that stimulates critical-thinking and creativity.

Technology Mission

Farmington Schools will provide students and staff with the technological tools, communications systems, and training essential for the successful integration of technology in all aspects of teaching, learning and administration.

Farmington Municipal Schools is a technologically progressive district with a commitment to 21st Century Skills learning.  For those familiar with the 21st Century Skills framework you know that technology is a tool which facilitates and supports the learning environment and has a strong presence in specific areas of the framework.  To maintain the district's leading position in preparing students for the 21st century world they will be learning, living and working in we are committed to providing the best technology we can to our staff and students.

This page will be useful for staff, students, parents and external agents that wish to work with the school district on technology implementations and initiatives.  You will learn what we are doing with technology in our district and what our future plans are in this ever changing landscape of technology in education.

About our technology


Network Infrastructure

Wide Area Network (WAN)

Our WAN connects 23 physical locations (schools and offices).  We have implemented a ring topology that provides redundancy in connectivity at the majority of the sites using fiber optic cables that we own and maintain or use through an agreement with the city of Farmington. Our fiber WAN provides 1 GB connectivity throughout the District. Our internet access is provided by Brainstorm and has an average of 200-250 Mb/s of traffic during school hours.

Local Area Network (LAN)

Our LAN is a fully switched 10/100/1000 MB Ethernet network with Gigabit backbones between switches using Ruckus/Brocade switching technology.

Wireless Local Area Network (W-LAN)

We provide wireless coverage at all schools and most offices and ancillary support buildings.  All sites use Fortinet Networks wireless technology to provide a stable, reliable, flexible and high speed wireless environment for a/b/g/n clients.  We are currently working to replace all wireless access points with 802.11ac compatible access points.

Clients and Servers


Farmington Municipal Schools has standardized on Apple's operating system and hardware for the majority of our clients and servers.  We have found the total cost of ownership to be lower and the total amount of technical support necessary to also be lower using Apple technology.  Our Microsoft Windows installations are minimal and used when a specific application or system requires that system.


Using Apple's and some internally developed tools we have the ability to manage all of our client computers regardless of their location, either on or off our own network.  All users are restricted from being able to install their own applications, to remove district installed software and to modify core system settings. Centrally managing all of our clients provides us the ability to provide faster and more efficient technical support due to the homogeneous and consistent systems.

Filtering for all systems connected to our network and all student machines while on or off our network is handled using McAfee's WebGateway.  We handle approximately 1.5Gb of web traffic per minute each school day, processing over 1,000 requests per second.

All of our client systems have tracking software installed, developed by us, which allows us to keep a live inventory of our assets and to provide some special features in the event of loss or theft.  By constantly communicating with our network, regardless of their physical location, we are able to keep our losses of mobile equipment due to loss or theft down to about 1%.

We leverage tools from JAMF for OS X and iOS client/profile management as well as imaging services.

Farmington 21st Century Learning Initiative

The Farmington 21st Century Learning Initiative (21CLI) is the primary strategy for improving student achievement through the use of technology. The 21CLI provides every secondary student with a laptop and provides teachers with technology equipment and professional development to enhance their ability to integrate technology into all curriculum areas. A major goal of the 21CLI is to provide students with educational opportunities which allow them to demonstrate their learning through the use of technology in a variety of ways. We believe that giving students 24/7 access to technology will result in higher student engagement, deeper and more complex learning, and improved performance on state standards and benchmarks.

All teachers in all programs and at all levels have been assigned laptops. All students in grades 6-8 and at comprehensive high schools in grades 9-12 have been issued laptops which they can use at school and at home. Elementary schools have computer labs and each classroom in grades 1-5 has a classroom sets of laptops for student use. All classrooms have projectors and are systematically being outfitted with document cameras. The total number of computers in the district is over 12,000.

Student Management System

Our student management system is PowerSchool.  This system allows all staff to record attendance and grades online from any location.  Students and parents can also access the public portal to view attendance and grades as well as set up notifications for automated e-mails regarding attendance and grades.  We highly recommend that all parents provide their e-mail address to their student's school office in order to have PowerSchool access and to receive automated notifications.

Parent and Community Communication

Parent and community communication are critical to a school district's operation and we are constantly seeking new ways to improve our communication through a variety of tools.  We utilize SchoolMessenger for notifications to households from the school district including 

Technology Support

The district technology office is located in the District Administration building at 3401 E. 30th Street. We can be contacted at 505-599-8820.

Our staff provides services to all school departments and locations.  If it involves technology, then we're involved in there somewhere. We utilize the IncidentIQ help desk system to manage technical support requests. This allows us to provide faster and more reliable technical support to our staff and students.