NAM Grant


The Native American Alaska Children in School grant provides support and resources for all
Farmington Municipal School District Native American students grades pre-k through 12.
Funding from the NAM grant is specific to

(A) Targeted professional development focusing on the language revitalization and
culture of our Native American students
(B) Parent support through Navajo Language and Culture classes for families
(C) Material and resources designated to the English Language Development programs
supporting our Native American students
(D) Targeted professional development for ELD teachers and administrators to support
English Language proficiency of our Native American students
(E) Tuition, Fees, and books for FMS staff to earn their TESOL endorsement through
Eastern New Mexico University
(F) Additional staff to support FMS Native American programs

For questions regarding the Native American Alaskan Children in School program, please
contact the Multicultural Services Department.