Invest in Farmington Municipal Schools

Participating in the November 2nd Election is important...

If this year’s GO Bond Question passes, it will not increase your tax rate. Early voting begins October 5th. Remember to vote on November 2nd.

FMS Investments in the Next Four Years
This year’s bond will have a positive impact on every one of our schools and Central Kitchen. Better schools mean a better community for all. Thank you for trusting us with the education of the young minds of this great city! An estimated list of how we’ll use the funds from this year’s bond election is below.

Please note: The information below does not include investments FMS will make at Apache Elementary School, since the those will come from the American Recovery Plan. The changes at Apache Elementary School include the roof for 410 thousand dollars and the HVAC system for 3 million 120 thousand dollars.

Investments in the Last 10 Years
Below is a list of the funds FMS spent over the last 10 years. The list includes major items undertaken by the district. FMS also leveraged its expenditures by securing state and federal funds of approximately $115 million, for a total invested in the district over the last 10 years of more than $225 million.