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Welcome to our Curriculum page! On this page, you’ll find when students learn to count in their kindergarten experience, when they learn about time and money in the second grade, or when they study water, ice, wind, and vegetation in the fourth grade.  Students learning Navajo in middle school, for example, develop an understanding of the Diné way of life, while listening, communicating, observing, and understanding Navajo Language and Culture, historical events, people, and symbols.  While learning Spanish in the 7th grade, students study how specific word choice impacts meaning and tone, which is another example of what students learn, while applying critical thinking. In middle and high school, our students can be exposed to rigorous music programs that include band, choir, and guitar to name just a few. Students can learn musical skills as well as problem-solving skills while they play beautiful music. The curriculum page is the roadmap to your child’s learning, become familiar with it FMS families, and help your student succeed.


In the Academic Year 2023-24, any course numbered above 1100 will be weighted. As you may know, grades earned in Dual Credit Courses have been weighted by adding 1.0 to the point value for the grade earned in a course, and participation in those courses allows students to meet requirements for high school graduation while simultaneously earning college credits. If your student is interested in Dual Credit Courses or for more information about this change, please contact your school counselor.

Middle School Music and Visual Arts

High School Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts