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Even though meals will be offered at no cost (FREE) to all students we strongly encourage all families to apply for Free/Reduced meals online for SY 21/22 at the link provided below as soon as possible.   Please be reminded that a new meal application must be submitted every school year.   Here is the link: https://family.titank12.com/application/new?identifier=PEKP4R

Thanks for supporting the FMS Student Nutrition Department & K-12 by Elior (formerly A'viands), we look forward to serving our students, families and community. Please have a wonderful SY21/22.

Meals for SY21/22

On Tuesday, October 12, 2021, from 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.,  4-day meal kits will be available for parent/guardian pick up.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Welcome to SY21/22!

All Farmington Municipal Schools students from PK – 12th grades will receive both breakfast and lunch at no cost (FREE) the entire school year at their assigned school sites. Students simply need to go to the cafeteria or other designated serving area and they will receive a meal. Parent/Guardians please check in with your child’s perspective assigned school for meal service times or other pertinent information you may need regarding our no cost meal service.

It is Farmington Municipal Schools strong desire that all students will return to the classroom however since some may still be learning via a virtual platform, K-12 by Elior (formerly A’viands) will have the following service sites and options available.

There will be no meal drop off routes during SY21/22.

The three curbside sites below will also serve any child in the community between the ages of 1- 18 during the service days & times charted below.






FMS Central Kitchen

305 N. Court Avenue




5 Day Meal Kits

(breakfast & lunch)

Apache Elementary

700 W. Apache Street



11:00am – 12:30pm

Hot Lunch/Breakfast for next day


Parents/Guardians, menus are available through the Nutrislice FMS website on the Student Nutrition page.   For easy access, follow https://fms.nutrislice.com/menu. Nutrislice, also has an app that can be loaded onto your smart device.  Type in the word Nutrislice, and look for the logo  the Google Play or App Store.


Students that are enrolled and are attending in-person school need to contact the Health Office at their school site to start the process for a special diet request.  In addition, as a part of our special diet meal protocols Parents/Guardians please ensure your students blue card has been updated with the school site nurse for SY21/22.  Here is the link to the Titan Portal: https://family.titank12.com  You will need to have your student’s FMS issued identification number to complete this process of setting up a Titan account. 

Based on the unique circumstances of serving meals at curbside sites; it is impossible to ensure that all required safety protocols could be properly enforced to ensure a special diet meal wouldn't come into contact with a known allergen. The risk of cross contamination is too great and any error made could cause great harm up to even death to a child.  For these reasons we cannot offer special diet meal accommodations curbside.   


As we begin to return to normalcy, we will resume offering our smart snacks program at both our middle and high school locations to accompany meal services (offerings may vary from site to site).   FMS Student Nutrition Department strongly encourages all parents/guardians to create an account in the Titan Family Portal, to fund their student’s meal accounts so we can lessen the frequency for handling money at the point of service during the pandemic.  Meal accounts can be set up for all students regardless of meal status.  All ala carte purchases are transacted and posted to the students’ meal account.   Ala carte items cannot be charged to a students account.  Here is the link to the Titan Portal:  https://family.titank12.com