Parent Information About Peachjar

Peachjar Parent/Guardian Accounts are created based on email addresses provided to the schools by parents/guardians. Peachjar is used exclusively for distribution of school-approved flyers. Email addresses are not shared with anyone, including the community partners who distribute flyers through Peachjar. Peachjar accounts are not necessary to receive or view e-flyers.

If e-flyers are not received from Peachjar, there are two possible reasons:

  1. Peachjar emails are going directly to the spam folder. When the first e-flyer is received, be sure to click "always display images."

  2. The email address is not on file. Contact the school office to update or add email addresses. You can also view the Peachjar Parent FAQs for instructions on how to add email addresses to the Peachjar distribution list or to reset a password.

Have more questions about Peachjar?

Please visit Peachjar Parent FAQs for more information or contact Peachjar Support by phone at 1-877-402-1786 (8 AM – 5 PM MST)

Disclaimer: Distribution of flyers through Peachjar does not imply endorsement by Farmington Municipal Schools, its schools or staff, and is distributed in compliance with federal and state law.

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