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FMS Superintendent Dr. Eugene Schmidt aims to update students, staff, families and the Farmington community regularly during this school closure due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Dr. Schmidt's most recent message is displayed below. Updated messages are emailed to parents and then posted here. 


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January 19, 2021 

Farmington Municipal Schools students, staff, families and community, 


While many of us have looked forward to today and the return of At-School, in-person learning for PreK-5th graders and K-12 Jumpstart students, our students and staff will have to wait for hallways to be filled tomorrow. The snow was welcomed, as it will fill our rivers for months to come. However, it did bring some confusion this morning and I hope to offer some clarity. 

First, I offer my apology and take responsibility for any confusion families and staff may have had this morning. Like many of you, I really looked forward to the return of students for in-person learning. In the immediacy of the moment and in my interest in welcoming our students and staff back to school, delaying the start of the school day seemed appropriate until deciding to follow the plan announced this past October 2020 that snow delays or snow closures would be served in a remote learning environment. 

In addition to this decision, messaging systems our district utilizes experienced unfortunate technological issues and delays. These issues and delays caused messages to be delivered late, out of order and in general, a confusing manner. For this, I again extend apologies to anyone affected. My staff and I pledge to do better.

Second, I thank parents and guardians who reached out to district and school staff with feedback on this morning’s procedures. I have already met with district staff to ensure that moving forward, this morning’s confusion and mishaps will be avoided. Your partnership and patience, as always, are two of the many reasons FMS is such a great place to learn and work. 

In the future, the district will follow the procedures outlined on our website, which calls for a shift to virtual learning when inclement weather may occur. Decisions and updates will be announced through phone calls, emails, on our Facebook page and posted as alerts on our website. Additionally, alerts on television, radio stations and other media sources will now note that students should shift to virtual learning. In closing, I look forward to welcoming staff and students back to school tomorrow, weather permitting.



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Dr. Eugene Schmidt FMS Superintendent